Face or body painting is something very common that happens all around the world and even though it is mostly little children or preteens that take part in such painting sessions, it has not yet been made unpopular among adults either. Adults too are known to love a good session of getting their face painted in various shapes or patterns as they prefer and this is not anything to do with Halloween either! Most of the time such painting sessions occur at a childs birthday party as it is deemed as fun and exciting for children to have their face painted as various things, which is why it Is always a hit among kids! If you are a painter who is new to the game, you must understand that it is not the same thing as painting a picture on a canvas. It is completely different and sometimes it is hard to come up with ideas as well in a perfect kids parties in Perth, so here are some easy ones to start with!

Clown As a face painting Melbourne, this is one of the easiest designs you could do on a child, or sometimes even an adult! You can even look up a picture of a clown online and do your painting accordingly or if you cannot do so, it is still rather easy to get it done. Start off by drawing two black color triangles under each eye, and paint the entire nose red. If you want to enhance the look, you can paint pink circles on either cheek as well.

Mermaid This is one form ofgood face painting design that has proven to be quite popular with young girls in general. This one is slightly harder to do but easy once you try it. Start off by applying a colored paint such as blue or pink on the eyelid and slowly move it upwards on to the forehead region. Then draw a seashell in between the eyebrows in a light color like white. Then you can outline the shell in black and outline the edges of the forehead paint in black as well. To enhance this look, draw a dark black line under the eyelid and at the corner of the eye too.

Tiger This is a popular design between both girls and boys of small ages and a bit advanced from the other two designs. Start by sponging white paint over the eye and eyelids and then switch to bright orange and sponge it over the kids nose, cheeks and between their brows as well. Then use black paint to create stripes on the forehead and cheeks and apply a black dot on the tip of their nose.